User Guide Development

Do your users have trouble using your product? Is your existing user manual just not cutting it? I’ll work with you to develop best-in-class user guides to help get your users back on track.

Web-based Help Development

Is your PDF user manual clunky and hard to use? A web-based documentation portal might be your solution. I’ll work with you to create an attractive, easy-to-browse website for your help articles and documents.

API Documentation

Do internal or external developers need to know the ins and outs of your APIs? I can help you build a comprehensive set of API guides (both for JSON and XML) to help your users get the most from your APIs.

Instructional Videos

Need videos to accompany your documentation? I can create instructional videos for step-by-step tutorials on how to use your product, overseeing the entire process of writing scripts, capturing and editing footage, and recording voiceovers.

Style Guide Development

Does your content lack a consistent voice or feel disjointed? I can help you develop a style guide that will unify your help content.

Content Structure and Migration

Tired of updating and managing hundreds of individual files? A structured documentation management system might be for you. I can help you determine the best method for structuring your content and migrate your existing content to the new system.